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Odyssey Ethernet JTAG Debugger

The Odyssey Ethernet-JTAG Adapter enables users to connect their PC to JTAG adaptor using Ethernet (RJ45) cable by which they will be able to debug embedded programs running on target hardware that uses the standard ARMRJTAG interface.

The debugger supports on-chip debug interfaces for different varieties of ARM processors like the ARM7 and ARM9*. When users uses the Odyssey debugger with Oasis Triton IDE, they will be able to perform functions such as creating, downloading and testing embedded applications on actual target hardware with ease. Odyssey Ethernet-JTAG Adapter quickens the testing and debugging efforts. *Check the list of supported target versions.

Odyssey Ethernet-JTAG debugger when used with Triton IDE communicates with the ARM processor using the boundary scan pins. Users have the advantage of completely controlling the target processor using the Odyssey debugger. They can start, stop and carry out single-step execution, read from and write to registers, memory, and system I/O, download code in memory, (RAM/Flash)* *Check the supported memory devices.
Complete non-intrusive debugging of the Target.
Support hardware and software breakpoint depends on target and memory
Supports for 14 and 20 pin ARM standard JTAG Connector
Support Host interface using Ethernet RJ45 100 Mbps connector
Register and Memory (FLASH and RAM), read, write
No external power supply required.
Four status LEDs for indication of Ethernet link, Target Halted, Target Running And Single Step
Supports GDB remote Serial Protocol
How to connect the Odyssey Ethernet-JTAG debugger?

If you want to connect the Odyssey Ethernet-JTAG debugger to a host, you need to use an Ethernet cable. The Odyssey debugger has the RJ-45 socket which is used to connect it to user PC RJ-45 socket using Ethernet cable. The Odyssey JTAG is connected to the target through a standard 14 pin or 20
pin FRC cable.

 How do I ensure whether Odyssey Etherner-JTAG is working?

 If Odyssey Ethernet-JTAG is properly connected to the target and the host, the Ethernet Link LED on the Odyssey JTAG case will start to glow. This indicates  that the Odyssey is connected properly to user PC.

 What if Odyssey Ethernet JTAG is not working?

 If you find that the Odyssey Ethernet-JTAG is not working, you need to do the following:
 Make sure that the Pin 1 of the JTAG connector on the Target Board has 3.3v.
 Reset the Target Board, after which you should apply a normal reset to the board.
 Check if the Ethernet cable is properly plugged-in.

Do I need to install any software driver on my host for using Odyssey Ethernet-JTAG?


Do I need to install any software driver on my host for using Odyssey Ethernet-JTAG?

You will need to install software drivers separately, in a situation, where you have purchased only Odyssey Ethernet-JTAG from Oasis Technologies. If you are using Triton2 IDE form Oasis, you don’t have to install the drivers separately, as the drivers will be installed at the time of setup.

 Do I need to have a separate power supply for Odyssey?

No. The power required for the Odyssey Ethernet-JTAG is derived from the target board itself. The Odyssey Ethernet-JTAG requires less than 300 mAmp of current, in order to function.

 Why should I use Ethernet based JTAG?

Odyssey Ethernet-JTAG works as normal Ethernet enabled system, hence it can be easily connected to single host or on LAN with proper IP setting. This in-turn enables the connectivity to the JTAG debugger from any user machine connected on same network. It offer solid data security and you will find this interface, as a standard part in all the later models of PC’s and laptops.

How is Odyssey Ethernet-JTAG different from any other JTAG debugger?

Odyssey JTAG stands out from other JTAG debuggers who are freely available and it is different from Wigglers, because it provides tremendous stability. Furthermore, this product is support by a professional organization, Oasis Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Our product is cost effective, as it can be used along with open source GDB debugger. Some variants have the ability to support our customers at the time of production.

How is Odyssey Ethernet-JTAG cost effective as compared to any other debugger?

Odyssey JTAG is a cost effective compared to other debuggers, because it can be used with any front-end source level debugger software which follows the GDB RSP protocol.

How many host interfaces are supported in Odyssey Ethernet JTAG?

Currently, the Odyssey JTAG supports only one interface-Ethernet, which is the standard Ehternet (100Mbps) interface using RJ45 type connector.

What kinds of target processors are supported?

Odyssey currently supports targets of following ARM versions: ARM7TDMI, ARM9TDMI, ARM720T, ARM920T, ARM926EJS and ARM966E .

How many breakpoints are supported in Odyssey Ethernet JTAG?

The Odyssey Ethernet-JTAG uses the hardware breakpoint options in the Embedded ICE of ARM7TDMI and this means only 2 breakpoints are supported for ARM7/9 based targets while debugging from flash.
In case of RAM debugging user can have any no of software breakpoints.

What kind of download options is available to me with Odyssey Ethernet-JTAG debugger?

The Odyssey Ethernet-JTAG provides several download options. It enables the download of target hex/elf/binary file into the (on-chip) Flash memory.or CFI based external flash memory. The user can debug programs which are residing in Flash memory as well as in RAM memory.

Can I use Odyssey Ethernet-JTAG for Linux or Windows-based host machines?

Yes it can be used for Linux or windows based host machines.

What kind of application can I debug with Odyssey Ethernet-JTAG?

You can use Odyssey Ethernet-JTAG to debug different applications. It can be use for debugging normal applications, applications which use the peripheral hardware, timer applications; RTOS based applications and so on.

Can I debug RTOS-based application using Odyssey Ethernet-JTAG?

 Yes, You can debug any RTOS-based applications, using Odyssey JTAG.

 Does Odyssey Ethernet-JTAG work without Triton IDE?

 Yes, Odyssey Ethernet-JTAG can be used without Triton IDE, as we provide a stand alone utility for the Odyssey Ethernet-JTAG. This utility allows two types of connections for debugging.
 1. User can use utility which directly gives a debug prompt to user for standalone debugging
 2. Else user can use GDB debugger for source level debugging.

How to use a source level debugger with Odyssey Ethernet-JTAG?

As of now, GDB is the host-based source level debugger, supported by our technology. In order to use the source level debugger, with Odyssey Ethernet-JTAG, run the Standalone Odyssey utility. This will generate the debug prompt for standalone debugging.

 Keep it running without issuing any command. Now open GDB and connect to JTAG with proper port setting. Now, you can seamlessly debug your source code.

One important point when doing all this is to make sure that you have compiled your source with the debug options, because debug symbols will be used by the source level debugger.
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