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PDA (Personal Digital Assistant)

Oasis Technologies, a leading embedded system design company, offers OPAD as a PDA / hand held platform that can be used to address many applications from different market segments. Use this platform to develop applications and help to grow your business.
Processor – ARM9 - Atmel AT91SAM9263 micro controller running at 200MHz
Large standard memory configuration with 64MB SDRAM, up to 1GB Flash storage
Operating System – Embedded Linux 2.6 Kernel / WinCE 6.0
Java application support – Available with Java stack for Linux
Windows.NET support (for Windows)
Battery – 3.7 V / 1700 mAh / 7 hrs backup
Input – Output
2.8” TFT LCD Display – 320 X 240 resolution
40 keys QWERTY keypad (configurable)
Communication Interfaces
USB Host interface
mini USB Device interface
WLAN: IEEE 802.11 b/g standard (Wi-Fi)(optional)
Scalability Options
CMOS Camera: 1.5" mega pixel VGA (optional)
2.5" Thermal Printer (optional)
GPRS: EDGE / GPRS / 3G EVDO (optional)
Barcode Reader (optional)
GPS (optional)
RFID Reader (optional)
Industrial – AMR, Access Control
Logistics – POS Terminals
Hospitality – 'Wireless Waitress' in Restaurants
Education – e-Learning, Distance Education
Biomedical – Patient Monitoring, Patient Care
Telecom – Wireless Networking
Automotive – Navigation using GPS, Traffic Condition Information System
Banking – Hand held Cash Registers ... and many more!!!
and many more!!!
A Customizable product
User friendly
Battery operated
Long life span
Hospitality Example
OPAD offers a variety of solutions that empower hospitality employees to strengthen guest relationships and generate new revenue streams.
Free your employees to interact with guests without being confined to a desk or counter.
It also has the power to enable your staff to be productive anytime, anywhere which saves on Turn Around Time'
Whether your business is a hotel, restaurant, retail mall or an entertainment facility, OPAD offers unique solutions for
Tableside order processing
Tracking order information
Bill scanning
Mobile Point-of-Sale (POS)
Helps in serving guest in a very quick time
Retail management Example
As the retail industry grows larger, retailers must find new ways to harness opportunities to grow revenue and increase profit. Being able to effectively respond to industry challenges gets you noticed and puts you a cut above the competition.
With OPAD solution your business can
Capture inventory and retail merchandising information quickly and accurately to provide customers with
real-time sales figures
Optimize operational excellence and achieve more profit from the products you sell
Improve customer service by having accurate pricing and stock information
Get your sales associates and supervisors interacting with customers and out on the sales floor with mobile access to e-mail, reports and company databases
Easily implement efficient point-of-sale solutions
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