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Robokit (ARM Cortex-M3 Based Robotic Project Development Kit)

Robotics offers an interactive learning experience that is both fun and rewarding. Robotics teaches us essential skills such as electronics, programming, mechanics, mathematics, critical thinking, problem solving and teamwork. Study of the discipline of robotics can give engineers a valuable perspective on systems integration, as well as experience in a wide range of fields and real-world problem solving, increasing the flexibility of the engineer in a rapidly changing world.

We at Oasis Technologies Pvt. Ltd., has therefore realized this opportunity and have developed a Robotic Kit, know as Robokit for students who wish to understand the programming aspect of building a Robotic Control System. Robokit is a robotic assembly for learning purpose and the objective is to build a Drive assembly with 4 wheels (2 servos drive mechanism) and mount a 4 axis robotic arm on the assembly.

A) CPU: ARM Cortex-M3 with following Features

512KB on chip flash
USB 2.0 Host/Device
CAN controller
On chip 12 bit ADC & 10 bit DAC
External Interrupt
32/16 kB of SRAM
GPIO For following peripheral interfacing
     4x4 matrix keypad
     8 user LED's
     16x2 LCD
     8 Digital I/O
PWM to drive servo motors.
4 Timer/Counter (Need this for speed control of Servo)

B) Sensors:

Proximity (IR Sensor)
Line Sensor
Encoder for speed sensing of servo motor
Battery voltage
Bump (Switch)
Light Sensor

C) Peripherals:

Servo motor for drive assembly
3 Wheels on the base board for robotic motion
Battery with charger
Power supply (Battery powered and should be able to drive 6 Servo motors)
Bluetooth interface
ADC (12 bit)
DAC (10 bit)
Headers for expansion

Robokit Practical Assignments:

After an in-depth analysis of the Robotics syllabus across various universities, we have designed the Robokit which is designed to perform most of the practical assignments as mandated by these universities. Robokit empowers students to practically implement many of the theoretical concepts which otherwise are left untouched during the execution of the curriculum.
Some of those lists of practical assignments that can be done on Robokit is as per the following:
Robotic motion control and conversion
Robotic 4 axis arm movement
Robotic pick and place operation
Designated Path planning and traverse
Robot sensor interfacing (obstacle detection, bump detection, light sensor, line sensor)
Robotic obstacle detection and auto correction of movement along the designated path
Motion of robot for each degree of freedom

Benefits of Robokit

Robokit is a must have product in any embedded or Robotics lab as it empowers students to implement various embedded systems and Robotics projects. Some of the key benefits are listed below:
An integrated development platform to learn Embedded Systems and Robotics
It covers most of the Robotics practical assignments typically found in any university syllabus.
Project prototypes for commercial applications can be built using Robokit.
Robokit is a low cost product with a high return on investment for any college or university lab.

Robokit Project Lists:

Robotics, has fascinated many students in the past and may continue to do so in future with its various potential opportunities, that can be practically explored and converted into real life applications. Robokit is therefore designed to be a useful tool for students who have ideas and want to put these ideas into execution but developing projects to solve the real world problems. Though the possible project list goes way beyond the ones mentioned below, it acts as a starting point to understand the capabilities of Robokit.
Prototype of an industrial robot for welding automation
Prototype of Robot in logistics to pick an object from a loading point and place it in the designated place
Prototype of a Pick and Place Robot in an assembly line in a manufacturing unit
Demonstration of sorting of objects from a conveyor belt by robotic ARM
Prototype of a Robot to demonstrate complete path planning in a field to perform multiple activities including line following, pick and place, object sensing, colour sensing etc.
Robotic control (motion, 4 axis robotic arm and grip) with RF Remote
Robotic Control with a Mobile phone application (android , iphone) using a Bluetooth interface.
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