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TurnKey Solutions

From Ideas To Product
Right from the stage of product idea to an eventual product in hand ,we do it all. Our in-depth expertise in developing embedded hardware and software solutions coupled with our exposure to manufacturing empowers us to provide turn-key solutions as demanded by our customers within the fastest possible time. Most importantly, we let our customers decide our exit point during the entire product development cycle, subsequent to which, we expect them to take control of the overall development activities.
How does it happen ?
Embedded Hardware and Software Development
Once the specification is frozen, we follow various steps involved in turnkey product development
Board Design
Once the specification is frozen, we follow various steps involved in turnkey product development
Thereafter we design the hardware board
BSP Development
To expedite the embedded software development, we opt for a reference hardware board initially which closely resembles the target board
Application Development
Once the BSP is developed, we focus on developing the application as per the customers requirement
PCB Fabrication and Assembly
We get the PCB's fabricated through our network partners and the same is eventually assembled.
Once the target board arrives, we work on the integration of the developed embedded software and the target board.
Field Testing
Field testing, which is an important aspect of overall product development, and is done optionally as per the customer's specification?
We take this product to its end users as defined by our customers and we verify that their expectations are met with the product when it is made to work with the anticipated surroundings
Prototype Certification
We extend our services all the way to product certification including CE, FCC and the likes.
Our customers can alternatively opt for the certification very specific to their country and we help them achieve that.
Our Ecosystem
Prototype Certification
We have a network of manufacturers who have varied capabilities and price points. We work with them to get the products manufactured for our customers. We understand the volume and the pricing requirements from our customers, based on which we select the manufacturers. We get the products manufactured, tested and packaged as per the customer requirements. We maintain complete transparency with our customers during the entire process and also take suggestions from our customers regarding vendor and location selection for manufacturing.
Prototype Certification
We work with many industrial product designers who have great experience in designing consumer and enterprise electronics products. To design the exteriors of the product, we do the following:
We work with our customers to understand the usage of the product and about its target audience.
Once we get enough inputs, we work with our industrial designers to come up with a pictorial view of the product.
Upon approval of the look of the product, we move onto Rapid Prototyping and eventually mould manufacturing.
Once the mould is manufactured, we get the product exterior built as per the customer specifications.

Embedded Hardware

Board Design and Development
With years of experience, we can handle the most complex board designs, ranging from high speed to high density board designs. Our key strengths include
Multi layer board designs
High speed board design with Signal Integrity Analysis
Low power and Low noise design
EMI/EMC compliant Designs
At a more granular level, we have an in-depth expertise in the following areas
Freescale i.MX27, Atmel ATSAM926X, NXP LPC 21XX , 22XX, 23XX
Communication Interfaces
WLAN, GSM, GPRS, SPI, UART, I2C, USB (1.1 and 2.0 HighSpeed), IrDA, Bluetooth.
Memory Interfaces
SDRAM, DDR-SDRAM, Flash, Compact Flash
How we do it?
Schematics Design:
Requirement Analysis
Component and Vendor Identification
Acceptance of Software Design Inputs
Acceptance of PCB Design Inputs
Schematic Design
BOM Finalization
Schematic Review
PCB Design
Our team at Oasis is well equipped and have adopted the best industry practices to handle the most complicated PCB designs. Our experienced and skilled design experts have enough exposure to seamlessly design high density, low voltage coupled with high speed differential signal boards with proper impedance/delay matching.
Our Capabilities include
High Speed Board design including Digital, Analog, Mixed and RF designs
High Density PCB Design
Differential pair routing
EMI/EMC compliant placement/routing
Impedance/Delay matching
Signal integrity analysis
How we do it ?
Get inputs from the Schematics Team
Get inputs from the manufacturing team
Get inputs from the marketing team/customers
Design PCBs
Gerber file submission to manufacturers
Revisit any tolerance specification for the PCB fabrication process
Get the PCB for assembly

Embedded Software

Our proven track record in embedded development services offers our clients a mix of low risk, high value and a time to market solution. Our team acts as a catalyst for our clients to deliver their embedded products on time, with exceptional quality. Our experts have in-depth understanding about various operating system architectures that are required for embedded software development. The team is equally exposed to the various hardware platforms and is therefore aware of the intricacies of hardware programming. More importantly, our team has a greater exposure towards developing embedded software solutions for timing and resource constrained environment and for mission critical applications.
Our capabilities in a nutshell
Developing Board Support Packages
Embedded OS and Application Porting
Embedded Application Development
Developing mission critical embedded software
Developing Real Time Embedded Applications
Exposure to industry standard RTOS's
Exposure to various hardware architectures
Our Expertise
OS Porting
We have a great exposure towards porting the following operating systems
Embedded Linux
Our expertise primarily lies in closely working with our customers to understand their needs based on which perform BSP up gradation to the existing reference BSP's and add more features to it which are otherwise not present in the reference solution.
Windows CE Services
Our exposure in Windows CE development empowers our customers to meet their time to market goals without compromising with the quality of the product which is based on WiCE operating system. Our team has great expertise in turnkey development using WinCE Operating System in the following areas:
WinCE BSP Development
We have a great expertise in fine tuning the WinCE reference BSP to meet the needs of our customers. Our alliance partnerships with various semiconductor companies has empowered us to get an easier access of reference WinCE BSP for specific platforms which helps us fine tuning the same as per our customer's requirements within a stipulated time.
Our team has worked on developing WinCE BSP for various architectures including
Freescale i.MX27
Freescale i.MX31
Atmel AT91SAM9263
Embedded Linux Services
We can help you to introduce Linux in your embedded products. We have great expertise in Linux kernel porting and device driver development, integration of open-source components and system building.
Our exposure in Embedded Linux empowers our customers to meet their time to market goals without compromising with the quality of the product based on Embedded Linux operating system. We have developed many turnkey solutions in Embedded Linux in the past have successfully deployed it various fields including AMR, hospitality and logistics devices, communication devices and the likes.
Embedded Linux BSP Development
To expedite and successfully deliver our Embedded Linux BSP development services, we work closely with semiconductor companies to add features to the various BSP's that are available for a specific processor.
Our team has worked on developing Embedded Linux BSP for various architectures including
Freescale i.MX27
Freescale i.MX31
Atmel AT91SAM9263
Atmel AT91SAM9260
NXP LPC 2294
Device Driver Development
We have developed various embedded device drivers in past across various peripherals on multiple SoCs based on ARM architecture. The various device controllers for which the drivers have been developed are listed below
WLAN - 802.11a/b/g with WEP and WPA
I2C, I2S Bus
SPI, Serial Port, Touch
USB Host / Device
Bio-metric Sensor
Embedded Application Development
In addition to the board bringup activities, we have enough expertise to build a platform to support embedded application development. We have successfully ported JAVA , QT on embedded Linux and Windows .Net on WinCE 5.0 and 6.0 embedded operating systems.
We have developed various embedded applications and have expertise in the following areas
Windows .NET for Embedded
Embedded JAVA
What Customers Gets ?
A complete product in hand which is field tested and manufactured by Oasis.
A faster time to market due to our prior expertise & exposure to various verticals within the embedded domain.
A ready exposure to the entire product development eco-system, which otherwise is discreetly available
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