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We pride ourselves on being the leading manufacturer of single board computers, based on ARM7 and ARM9 microcontrollers. We provide readily available hardware platforms along with the software solutions, which when combined with the right on-board processor and supporting integrated peripherals and the required driver software's, guarantee a quick embedded development cycle for users. As a result our clients can see short time to market and a speedy return on their investment in our technologies.

By using our ARM7 and ARM9 boards, our clients gain the advantage of using a solution that can flex to their design requirements and budget constraints. Our boards are available in different varieties and some such varieties come with a pre-loaded embedded Linux operating system, which helps our clients to focus on their application without having to bother about the issues concerning the underlying hardware architecture.

Along with the supporting tools comes the Oasis Triton IDE and the Odyssey Ethernet JTAG Debugger for ARM microcontrollers. Oasis Triton IDE provides an intuitive development environment and gives support for oft-used functionalities such as source code management, application building and downloading. The JTAG debugger for ARM7 and ARM9 microcontrollers are an ideal choice for development of complex embedded applications and most of the supporting ARM microcontroller variants are supported by the Oasis Odyssey JTAG debugger.

We offer support to users through reference drivers for on-board components, comprehensive documentation that includes user manuals and sample programs which help them to get acquainted with our solution within a short period of time. This empowers our customers to achieve an expedited embedded development cycle.
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