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We understand that our products and services cater to the people who would prefer to invest their time and resource in understanding the technology rather than the product itself. It is for this reason, our team of experts at Oasis ensures that our customers get the maximum benefit with the least turn around time for any support requests that is made to us.

There are various ways by which you can reach us should you have any queries regarding the functionality of our products. As our valued customer, you are free to opt for any of the support mechanism. However, the most effective support mechanism that we offer is Web based support. Using our web based support, you can get yourself started with our products in the fastest possible time. More importantly, you may ask questions related to our products which would promptly be answered by our support team.

Our support mechanisms are listed below :
If you have questions related to our products, please visit our support page at
Send an email to us at and we assure you of our response in the fastest possible manner.
Please call us at +91-20-65236642 and ask for our tech support team. Our team would be more than glad to assist you.
Remote Desktop Support
This is one of the unique and the most efficient mechanisms that we have, using which we are capable of providing support at the customer's desk itself. As a part of this service, we remotely logon to the customer's machine with permission from the client.

Once the system is ready, with our customer's permission, we instruct them to share their desktop with us. Upon this, our team at Oasis troubleshoots the problem within no time
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