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Triton IDE

Triton IDE

Triton IDE Integrated Development Environment that provides the benefit of managing and building projects,establishing and managing host-target communication, running and debugging applications for its users. It provides users with rich features in embedded technology development specifically for ARM-powered micro-controllers.

The IDE provides an intuitive interface and an efficient mechanism of creating robust, sophisticated embedded applications for the arm architecture. It encapsulates the power of the ‘GNU tool chain’, which is key to ARM application development and at the same time it seamlessly integrates with the Odyssey JTAG debugger to provide an efficient debugging mechanism.

The key features of Triton IDE is listed below:
Multiple Projects in One Window
Triton IDE brings all project that are under development to be visible in one window. This extended project management capabilities empowers the developer with the benefit of being able to work simultaneously on interdependant projects.
Enhanced Debug Capabilities
The debugger in Triton IDE is very powerful and offers some of the most advanced options such as function stack trace, conditional breakpoints apart from the traditional debugger features like step, breakpoints, continue, watch and so on.
Advanced Editor
Triton IDE offers advanced editor options such as auto completion of text, syntax highlighting, brace checking, outline view, advanced search options and so on. These options allow the developer to deliver quality solutions at a rapid pace.
Intuitive Target Configuration
The target configuration options such as the choice of the embedded core, silicon vendor, board memory map, firmware download options and project wizards are easily accessible, without cause for concern on technical compatibilities, thereby enabling users to get a quick start on new project developments.
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