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Starter Edition
Starter edition is the basic version of Triton IDE. Starter edition do not provide any debugging capability, but supports compilation and project management.
Integrated development environment for ARM7/ARM9/8051 target platforms
Supports C/ ARM Assembly language
Supports RTOS application Download and Debug
Powerful Editor and Project Management Capabilities
Seamlessly Integrated with Odyssey JTAG Debugger
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What is provided in Triton IDE?
The various components in Triton IDE are: Editor with syntax highlighting and code outline viewer, Project management, Build management, Compiler/assembler/linker, Target programmer (Download), Target/Build configuration and Source level debugger. Depending upon the Triton IDE edition you have chosen the Debugger provided may have some restriction, please visit the FAQ about editions supported in Triton IDE.
Can I get an evaluation copy of Triton IDE?
Yes, one can download/order Triton IDE evaluation version from our website (download section).Unlike evaluation version of other equivalent IDE Triton do have restriction for debugging, but do not have restriction for building a project.
How can I obtain an evaluation copy of Triton IDE?
Please visit the Download section to download/order the evaluation CD of Triton IDE.
What is the limitation of evaluation version of Triton IDE?
You can debug program which is less or equal to size 32K.
How Triton IDE is helpful in my application development?
Triton IDE is an eclipse based IDE. You can create RTOS (Linux and ucos-II) or non-RTOS applications in Embedded C or assembly language for Arm architecture. Triton IDE helps you debug and download your program through various communication channels includingSerial port, Odyssey JTAG and Ethernet port. The IDE helps you create and manage multiple projects in a single window and also empowers you to build all the projects at once
Does Triton IDE support RTOS based application development?
Yes. Triton IDE supports ucos-II and embedded Linux RTOS based application development.
Can I debug RTOS application using Triton IDE?
Yes. You can debug ucos-II and embedded Linux RTOS application.
Can I debug an application using Triton IDE without JTAG hardware?
Yes. You can debug application using Serial and Ethernet as debug options.
Is it mandatory to use Odyssey JTAG debugger with Triton IDE for debugging?
No Triton IDE also supports monitor based debugging, where JTAG is not required, but if you want to debug with JTAG you can only use Odyssey JTAG debugger.
Can I use third party JTAG hardware with Triton IDE for debugging?
No. For debugging, you need to use Odyssey JTAG as it is highly integrated with Triton IDE.
How is Triton IDE different from other equivalent IDEs?
In Triton IDE you can open multiple projects in single window, integrated views like disassembly, breakpoints, variables etc while debugging application, outline view in C/C++ editor, capable of monitor based debugging for RTOS and Non-RTOS applications.
What are the various editions of Triton IDE and what does it means?
The various editions include Starter and Executive edition. > Starter edition supports compilation and project management and debugging applications with upto 32K code size is possible. > Executive edition supports supports debugging and downloading ARM/RTOS applications using Serial, Odyssey JTAG and Ethernet.
Can I run Triton IDE on any other host development platforms other than Windows?
No. Currently Triton IDE runs only on Windows.
Which compiler tool chains are supported in Triton IDE?
GNU ARM tool chain gcc version 3.4.3.
What kind of target hardware platforms are supported by Triton IDE?
Triton IDE currently supports ARM7 processor of variant LPC2xxx.
Can I run Triton IDE with another IDE installed?
Though this IDE is capable of coexisting with standard IDEs, it is always advised to remove any IDEs to ensure a smooth running of Triton IDE.
Can I create project in Triton IDE using C++ language?
No. Currently this feature is not available in Triton IDE.
What are the basic requirements of Triton IDE?
In order for Triton IDE to work, Java Runtime Environment of Version 1.5 or higher version is required which is integrated into Triton IDE installation setup.
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